Using the audio guide

, by Bertrand Degoy

For visitors, O-DGuide is very easy to use. No application to install, a browser is enough.


  • have a smartphone connected to the Internet, either by the network or by WiFi.
  • the smartphone must have a browser capable of rendering HTML5 audio in mp3 format [1].

What could be more common?

Launch of the visit

Note: the visit given as an example is in French. O-DGuide allows you to create a tour in the language of your choice [2].

The tour can be started in one of three ways:

1. Manually enter the visit code

  • navigate to the address
  • press "Start the visit",
  • enter the visit code ( for example 8999 ) in the form that then appears:

2. Launch with the visit code in the URL

3. Scan a QR-Code
The QR-Code for launching the visit can be displayed in various places near the reception. The visitor will then have to scan it to start the visit.

For more information :

Navigate the tour

List the sequences and access in two clicks

You can directly access a sequence from Menu -> List of sequences:

Change playback speed in two clicks

Playback speed can be changed from Menu -> Playback speed:

Navigate with QR-Codes

Some tours allow browsing by scanning the QR-Codes displayed at different locations. When this is the case, a "Scanner" button appears under the visit number:

Pressing the "scanner" button launches the camera integrated into the smartphone. An authorization request may be presented to the user.

The sequence will be displayed as soon as the QR-Code is recognized.
In case of difficulty, pressing the "Stop" button will stop the camera and go back.


[1This is currently the case on recent mobile devices or whose system and browser are up to date. For browser compatibility, see:

[2We must however distinguish:

  • the language of the interface (the wording of the menus, help, etc.) which is limited to a few languages, but the number of which will grow rapidly,
  • the language of the utterance which can be chosen among several hundred.